About company

Karara Ltd is an industrial and commercial company that was established in July 1996.  We are engaged in manufacturing of various products made of natural stone: tabletops, window sills, fireplaces, balusters, columns etc. Our experienced employees perform all types of stone engraving, floor and wall artistic mosaic, cladding of swimming pools, sauna baths, Turkish baths, bathrooms and other interior and exterior features. We also offer services concerning marble floor restoration, polishing and repolishing to keep its glance and to make an anti-slip effect.

The company carries out internal works on wall and floor lining rooms of public buildings and private houses with tiles or slabs of marble and granite, as well as exterior works of frontage and terrace cladding.

There are diferrent techniques of cladding performance: “moist technique” (mortar and glue usage) and “dry technique” (special stainless steel connectors usage). We have own manufacture in the industrial zone of Kiev equipped with modern high-tec facilities.
We use waterjet cutting machines to perform sophisticated inlaid floors with high accuracy and in short terms. Manufacturing of carved elements is also performed with copy (plaster model) and milling (3-D models) machines. Plaster models are made by our team of sculptures and painters counting 30 persons.
Recently we have built 2000 m2 of shop floors equipped with the newest high-tec program managing facilities including 3, 4 and 6-axis machines for marble and granite treatment. The workshop for production of artistic mosaic has been finished.
Our workforce is constantly expanding and all the new employees adopt practices from experienced workers to begin the order processing.
In addition to stationary equipment we have 200 units of portable facilities to perform the installation by our mobile teams all over the world.
More than 40 000 m2 of the first-class natural stone (more than 300 types of marble, onyx and granite) from Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and other countries are available at the area of more than 5 000 m2 of our modern indoor storage.
We do our business with suppliers on a direct basis to maintain low prices and provide the highest quality of our products in general. We have regular shipments of the stone on schedule.
We also offer a wide range of final marble products (fireplaces, vases, sculptures, busts, fountains).
During the activity our company has become a leading enterprise in Ukraine in the natural stone industry. We have gained rich experience in performing a large amount of work in short terms.
Ladies and gentlemen! We kindly invite you to visit our showroom located at 4Б Promyslova Street, Kiev. There are all the samples of marble, granite and onyx, so our managers and designers will help you choose the best option for your interior decoration from natural stone. We hope you will appreciate the quality of our work and our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and fruitful!

Countries with which «KARARA» works

Компанія «КАРАРА» успішно існує на ринку України з 1996 року. За ці роки компанія придбала репутацію стабільно працюючого підприємства, з широким спектром послуг і численними надійними партнерами. Спеціалізацію підприємства складають поставка слябів і виготовлення виробів з натурального каменю такого, як онікс, мармур, граніт, травертин і піщаник. Асортимент компанії досить великий і здивує вас своїм розмаїттям кольорів і фактур каменю.

Під замовлення, в найкоротші терміни компанія виконує будь-які поставки слябів мармуру, онікса, травертину, граніту необхідного вам розміру і кольору.

Країни з якими працює наша компанія: Італія, Іспанія, Франція, Португалія, Австрія, Німеччина, Греція, Єгипет, Туреччина, Іран, Індія, Пакистан, Китай, В’єтнам, ПАР, Бразилія, Мексика.