Company’s manufacture is our pride and it’s the capital that works! It was being built step by step and from year to year it was improved with new machines and saws.

At the present time it’s equipped with modern high-tech facilities, which help us in our work.



Among them are dozens of saws, milling machines with computer control for the manufacture of complex components, including sculptures made of stone. There are also waterjet cutting machines, lathe workshop, manufacture of artistic marble mosaic, slab polishing machines. Over 70 milling cutters are available to perform more than 200 different bevel edges. Recently we have also gained 3, 4 and 6-axis machines for marble treatment and 3d-scanner to create digital 3d-models.



Considering other facilities, we have a gantry crane for moving freights on the open area. Indoor storage area of  3000 m2 (of 3 widths) is also equipped with cranes inside. In addition, we have a crane, truck and transport technology for the transporting of our goods and employees. All works are done using the most modern technologies.  We perform sophisticated inlaid floors using waterjet cutting stone, which gives an unique opportunity to execute orders with high celerity and accuracy.



Manufacturing of carved elements is also performed with copy (plaster model) and milling (3-D models) machines. Recently we have built 2000 m2 of shop floors equipped with the newest high-tech program managing facilities. The workshop for production of artistic mosaic has been finished.

In addition to stationary equipment we have 200 units of portable facilities to perform the installation by our mobile teams all over the world.

More than 40 000 m2 of the first-class natural stone (more than 300 types of marble, onyx and granite) from Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and other countries are available at the area of more than 5 000 m2 of our modern indoor storage.

We do our business with suppliers on a direct basis to maintain low prices and provide the highest quality of our products in general. We have regular shipments of the stone on schedule.



We also offer a wide range of final marble products (fireplaces, vases, sculptures, busts, fountains).

During the activity our company has become a leading enterprise in Ukraine in the natural stone industry. We have gained rich experience in performing a large amount of work in short terms.