One of the main aspiration of a reasonable person is to create and contemplate the beautiful. This does not depend on his survival, this is an exclusively spiritual need, and the more a person is developed, the more likely it is expressed in him. Therefore, even in everyday life, decor objects are so common that they bear only an aesthetic and not a utilitarian function. Sculptures made of marble, which remain popular from ancient times to our days, are a vivid example of the eternal value of art.

The best works of the sculptors of the past were made of marble. Remember the marble statues from the great Michelangelo, Donatello, Rodin. Noble, like glowing life from within the natural material, today still inspires true connoisseurs to create masterpieces.

Statues of marble are adorned with galleries, theaters, modern shopping centers, landscapes of parks and sections of country houses. You can buy a marble sculpture in a spacious hall, living room, bathroom and even a bedroom. A well-chosen composition will give the overall design a stunning effect and emphasize the refined taste of the owner. It gives mood, charm to the interior, puts emphasis, expresses the main idea. Find the optimal and quality option for decorating space, both in the house and in the open space, you can in the gallery of finished products of the company “Karara”.

Choosing marble

Marble is durable, but well-processed material. That is why, in able hands, he is able to take any form, perpetuating the moment, movement, emotion. It is suitable for monumental scale, as well as oversized, but accurate, with the drawing of small details of works. He easily withstands the temperature drops, he is not afraid of snowfalls, torrential rains, scorching sun. Yes, with a strong impact it can be broken or put down. But it lends itself to polishing, polishing, restoration. It has a rich palette of colors:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • the black;
  • green;
  • pink;
  • light blue;
  • red;
  • brown.

Most often, marble is sculpted … of man himself or humanoid fairy and mythical creatures. It is this stone that can convey the natural curves of the body, the elasticity of the muscles, the softness of the female forms, the bends of the fabric on the apparel. The most popular light marble. After polishing, in the sunlight or the correct artificial lighting, the marble “skin” of the sculptures is as if radiating living energy.

Masters know how to choose the right material, based on the idea of ​​their creation. If you do not see the potential result in the stone, you can not take it for work. The famous David was made by Michelangelo from a piece of white marble thrown by another sculptor (Agostino di Duccio fought over this piece until he threw it away). And to create the famous effect of the marble veil, many sculptors, like Raphael Monty for the vestal, specially searched for marbles with a special structure – translucent at the surface and dense inside.

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