Marble fireplaces in Kiev not only perform remarkably the function of heating in winter, it is a magnificent way of decorating the interior, which makes it possible to make the house both cozy and solemn. Buy a fireplace made of marble in Kiev, then automatically get into the Premier League homeowners who have an exquisite taste and know a lot about comfort in the premium class. After all, such heating structures can be made of different materials, but it is the manufacture of fireplaces made of marble that turned them into a work of art.

What you need to do to ensure a quiet and romantic place in your home where you can meet with pleasure on a cold winter evenings with the whole family, a company of close friends or enjoy a glass of wine and a game of flame next to your loved one? Just buy a marble fireplace. No wonder it was the fireplace that was called the hearth, the heart of the house. And, if earlier, due to technological peculiarities, only residents of private houses and mansions could afford it, at the current stage it is quite possible to make marble fireplaces for apartments. On sale there are ready-made options, but if you want the design to fit perfectly into your interior, you have special wishes for it, we are always happy to make fireplaces from marble to order.

Quality pledge

In addition to the aesthetic component, to which we will return, the real focus must first of all be effective in heat transfer and fireproof. Products of the company “Karara” comply with strict standards, which are imposed on such structures, we guarantee their quality.

  • we have been manufacturing marble fireplaces for more than twenty years. Experience and application of the latest technology allows us to avoid errors in the work and always fulfill the wishes of customers.
  • we use the most modern equipment for processing natural stone, which allows us to perform work of any complexity and minimize waste products.
  • we work only with high-quality material, which demonstrated reliability in operation and is highly appreciated by experts.

Advantages of natural stone

Why is marble considered one of the best materials for a fireplace? Because he has a number of undeniable advantages.

  1. This is an exclusive product. And always. Even if you order the same fireplace as in your previous house, you will have a detailed sketch with all the measurements and choose a similar shade of the stone, you will not be able to completely copy it. Neither us nor anyone else. It’s all about the unique natural marble figure that nature created in the singular.
  2. The stone is easy to process, polish, from it with the help of skillful hands you can “fashion” anything (remember the famous marble sculptures). Therefore, no matter how complex the design of your design – it is possible to do everything. And new equipment will also minimize waste.
  3. It has a luxurious, unsurpassed appearance. In addition to the already mentioned unique pattern of veins and blackouts, it has a luxurious palette of shades – green, gray, white, black, pink, blue, brown. In general, there is plenty to choose from, creating a common harmonious interior space.
  4. Well, the main thing is that such properties of natural stone as durability and heat resistance make it an excellent option for framing the hearth. A fireplace made of marble, without losing its appearance, will delight you with its splendor for decades, filling the house with warmth and comfort.
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