Floors of natural stone by definition can not leave anyone indifferent. This unique natural material in all its diversity will be able to realize all the creative ambitions of the designer, provide an impeccable interior of a house or a spacious apartment, will bring a unique touch of luxury and style. Facing the floor with marble will allow you to enjoy its merits every day:

  1. Uniqueness of drawing and color scale. Exclusive patterns of veins on stone, created by nature in a single copy, is not capable of replicating the stamping of artificial specimens.
  2. Absolute naturalness. When making plates, do not use paints, varnishes and other chemicals.
  3. Significant weight. So the absence of squeaks and deflections. But, of course, laying marble on the floor requires serious calculations, taking into account the designs of the upper floors and stairs.
  4. The stone perfectly combines with other materials, whether wood, glass or metal. It is easy to “fit” into any style of the interior and it will not seem “superfluous” if in the future you want to update other elements.
  5. Durability and easy maintenance. It is very easy to take care of and maintain the hygiene of the premises. And what is important – if it is suddenly damaged, then with the help of polishing it can be.

Choosing marble

Specialists of our company “Karara” will help you choose the stone that will best correspond to your task in the repair. In addition to selecting the color, pattern, and size of the plates, it is important to consider their texture. Thanks to the processing of the material, smooth, sanded, sandblasted and other types of marble are obtained. For example, for rooms with high humidity, fine-grained, dense stone is best suited, rough slabs are idea

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