Like almost all decorative elements, marble rosettes, above all, perform an aesthetic rather than a utilitarian function. But just such details, chosen with taste and perfectly executed, become a true highlight, and can even be the main decoration of your space. Inlay from marble is possible not only on the floor, but also on the walls in the form of panels. It is able to emphasize the most important advantages of natural stone.

The advantages of marble inlay

  1. Luxurious appearance. The panel or rosette of marble, thanks to a possible combination of stones, is distinctly, but subtly capable of emphasizing any stylistic solution at home. Gives a certain solemnity and unambiguous personality. Nature itself is never repeated, there are no completely identical stones and plates, respectively. Therefore, even if you do not have an individual sketch, but chosen from among the samples you like, you can be sure that it is almost impossible to repeat the marble picture twice.
  2. Durability. Do not worry, even if it’s an ornament on the floor. It retains all the remarkable properties of natural stone. It does not crumble for centuries, does not crack, does not fade, it is easy to take care of.

Hydraulic cutting of marble – the guarantee of quality work

However, in order to get quality work, certain conditions must be observed. The structure of the stone makes it quite difficult to process the material, which requires not only knowledge and experience, but also appropriate equipment. The most effective technology for today is waterjet cutting of marble. On such equipment, software is used, with which you can optimally cut the sheet and minimize costs. And also to embody with the highest accuracy the most technically bold fantasies of the designer. The hydraulic cutting of marble allows:

  1. Abrasive-liquid jets provide the possibility of producing ultrathin, up to 0.3 mm, elements. Complex contours of some elements will ideally be combined with complex contours of others. And the pattern can be made both with the mounting gap, and without – it all depends on your idea.
  2. The process takes place practically without heating, releasing dust. It is carried out by the flow of liquid from the treatment zone.
  3. The possibility not only through cutting, but also sculpting the stone.
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