A radiant staircase made of marble in classical style immediately gives birth to an association with a palace of a luxurious mansion. Strict marble steps from the accentuated minimalism will become a magnificent decoration of the loft, where only the nobility of the material, the beauty of the texture unobtrusively indicates the status, the welfare of the homeowner. After all, the “right” marble staircase is not only an architectural element, but also a perfect finishing touch in a harmonious interior or exterior of the house.

By the way, we are often asked whether marble staircases in Kiev are used outside the building or if it is necessary to apply even more durable material on the street. So this beautiful natural stone has sufficient wear resistance to decorate, for example, a high porch of a country house, where, naturally, such a load of attendance is not supposed, as in a public place like a museum.

Marble steps: basic types and benefits

First of all, it should be noted that the manufacture of stairs from marble involves the use of stone as a decorative finish, and not for the base. The latter can be a brick, concrete, or welded metal structure. The customer determines the type of foundation, the type of finishing of this architectural element:

  1. Complete steps. Often, they are used for finishing the outer porch. They give a certain monumentality to the whole appearance of the building, they look what is called “forever.” However, the appearance in this case is not deceptive, such a ladder does possess longevity, serves the masters faithfully for a long time, invariably pleasing their eyes with luxury. During the restoration work of the building, marble steps can be repeatedly used repeatedly. In general, the possibility of restoration is one of the important advantages of natural material, which we will discuss below.
  2. Waybills. Due to the fact that each step consists of two parts, vertical plus horizontal, it is possible even to create the effect of the carpet track, using for different surfaces a different shade (lighter-darker) or even color marble.
  3. Of the facing slabs. The simplest, easy, affordable way that is used to decorate the structures inside, outside the building.

The production of marble staircases and marble steps for stairs also assumes the client’s choice of surface texture.

  1. With a strip of anti-skid in the form of a rough section, thin longitudinal stripes along the horizontal surface of the step.
  2. Fully ground is used mainly outside the building. As a rule, on a light stone, as such processing slightly smoothes the clarity of the pattern of veins.
  3. Fully polished is applied just inside the room, since any rain, the first snow, other humid atmospheric phenomena, will instantly make a skating rink out of your ladder. But it is this processing technology that allows you to emphasize the magnificence of the natural design. And with proper lighting, such a surface bewitchingly shines and sparkles.
  4. The heat-treated surface closes the pores in the stone, the steps are very easy to clean, do not slip due to a slight roughness. This type of treatment is also most often used on the street.

Choice of stone

What provided the marble with such popularity as a material for decoration? After all, people have been using it for more than two thousand years. First, the durability mentioned above. He is not afraid of moisture drops, temperatures, he does not burn out in the sun. It is easy to restore, because it is painted all over the depth, not just over the surface. Yes, there are more durable natural materials. But the level of wear resistance of marble also allows products from it to “live” for centuries. But the beauty of his competition is not. Judge for yourself: a variety of shades, from white to black, from blue to pink, from green to red, and an endless variation in the pattern of veins and blackouts. In addition, it miraculously lends itself to processing and can take any form in the hands of the master. Add ecological compatibility of the material here, and the reason for popularity even in the modern “plastic” world will become obvious.

Marble stairs for the house: the features of care.

Here everything is quite simple. Do you want marble to show itself in all its splendor and luxury, looked so centuries? Use for bead stairs beeswax or special care for natural stone. Forget abrasives for cleaning. If the pores are not sealed, immediately remove the puddles from the coloring liquids so that no stains remain.

The staircase of marble will become a real highlight in the design of your house. Given the quality of manufacturing and proper care, it can serve as a reliable and luxurious support under the feet of several generations of household members.

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