Marble is used for finishing the premises of the millennium. Even in the modern “plastic” world, woven of artificial materials, natural stone retains its position. Moreover, thanks to its unique properties and the exclusivity of the creation of nature, the marble countertops in Kiev and all over the world have been valued higher, have acquired status. To buy a marble countertop is to unobtrusively emphasize your exquisite taste, well-being. No wonder that when creating interiors of “luxury”, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, often order a countertop of marble.

Why buy a marble countertop

One of the main reasons for the popularity of marble is its exquisite aesthetic qualities. Nature for thousands of years created in its bowels of this rock. The reward of complex chemical and physical processes was the stones of a wide variety of colors – white, gray, green, pink, black, blue, even brown. But this was not enough. Each stone is crowned with a pattern of veins, the pattern of which never repeats. Because you will never find two completely identical products from marble, in contrast to stamping artificial imitations. The marble countertop in Kiev will not be duplicated in any part of the world.

Later, man, having learned to extract and skillfully craft a masterpiece, gave it even more expressiveness. For example, polished to shine marble, it becomes, as if transparent at the very surface, bewitchingly shining in the sun. Proper artificial lighting of the room is also able to advantageously emphasize the texture of the stone.

In addition to the obvious beauty, the marble countertop also has excellent performance characteristics. It perfectly tolerates moisture, temperature extremes, does not burn out in the sun. It is shockproof, scratch resistant. Perfectly combined with wooden, metal, other textures. Thanks to the durability of the stone, the possibility, if necessary, of its restoration, it can be called a truly successful investment. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, absolutely hypoallergenic, completely safe for humans. The table top made of white, green, black marble, as well as other colors harmonizing with your interior, will be an excellent gift to the hostess.

Making marble countertops

Given the modern technological features of manufacturing marble countertops, this material is ideal for the embodiment of design ideas.

Marble on one side is complex, on the other hand a pliable, grateful material for a good master. It can be given any texture and shape – a classic rectangular, oval, round, with complex geometry. You can make inlay by decorating the slab with a mosaic or making a picture in the form of a landscape, a still-life, an original ornament. The choice is dictated only by the concept of design space, and the limitations of performance are virtually nonexistent. Such an exclusive natural element will look great in a living room on a kitchen set, bar counter, in the bathroom, even in the office at the reception.

Some believe that the details of this stone make the interior cool and not cozy. In fact, on the contrary, it has its own energy, magic, brings good luck, stability, warmth of housekeeping.

Features of care

However, before you buy a marble countertop, you still need to know about certain features of caring for it. No matter how strong and reliable it may be, so that its surface remains brilliant, bright and glorious for many years, a number of simple but important rules should be followed.

  1. Cleaning is possible with non-specialized products, but with neutral acidity. Although it is still desirable to use special modern means. Remove all dirt with a soft sponge soaked in marble care. Nevertheless, even wiping it with wax with the help of woolen cloth, the surface will shine.
  2. The main thing is not to use alkaline agents, powders and other abrasive “chemistry”, which can really damage the “mirror” of the surface.
  3. Natural material, though moisture-proof, but porous (it is because of this seal), so it is desirable not to allow for a long time stains from coffee, tea, wine, bright juice, as well as greasy stains. And if something is spilled, you need to quickly remove the contamination. For example, the same fat can be removed with ordinary white spirit. You can add two more
  4. If there are scratches – please contact a specialist for grinding, the product will be restored.

Marble will bring to your home an incomparable aura of beauty, nobility, refinement. To fully enjoy all the advantages of products made of natural stone, we recommend that you contact our company “Karar”. You are guaranteed the high quality of our products, which can satisfy even the most demanding client.

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