The facing of the walls with marble is perhaps the most luxurious and at the same time practical way of finishing. A beautiful natural stone fills the space with an atmosphere of naturalness and nobility. In this case, the decoration of the walls with marble has a number of undeniable advantages.

  1. Durability. Marble facing does not deform, does not fade, does not wear off and remains in its original form for many decades. It is resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and can be used in the bathroom, sauna. It is easy to take care of, and if necessary, it can easily be restored.
  2. Ecological compatibility. Marble does not emit harmful toxins, does not cause allergic reactions, does not have harmful emissions.
  3. Universality. Modern technologies allow creating marble elements of any thickness, size, shape. Marble can be used for finishing walls in rooms with any purpose and style solution. The stone is wonderfully combined with other materials, whether it be wood, glass or metal. Depending on the composition of the color and textural composition, the marble walls create an illusion of the atmosphere of antiquity in the room, or, on the contrary, fills it with the energy of modernity.
  4. Aesthetics. Despite the fact that we have placed this item fourth, people have been choosing marble for many centuries, primarily because of its magnificent appearance. The richness of the color range (green, white, pink, gray, blue, black, red, brown), textures and textures, the uniqueness of the pattern of the veins of each stone, allow you to choose this unique and optimal option. That’s why designers like this natural material. Facing marble can fit into any style of the interior, invariably giving it an aura of luxury and high cost. And modern technologies of stone processing easily embody the most complex sketches.

Types of marble walls

Depending on the purpose, technological features of the premises, the idea of ​​style design can be used such a cladding:

  • Slabs, that is, large stone slabs. This method allows you to minimize the number of installation seams, to maintain the integrity of the natural stone pattern. Great if you need to create a mirror effect.
  • Ready-made panels or dialed mosaic. This option will help decorate the walls with a beautiful pattern or pattern according to your sketch or from the proposed samples.
  • Facing marble tiles.
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