New showroom

Finally we want to share with you photos of our new showroom and second office, which was recently opened in Kiev.

You can see the products manufactured by us: countertops and window sills, inlaid tables, portals, fireplaces and sculptures, carving items, facing the floor, walls and facade cladding. You can also see a variety of mosaic designs as art and standard. If desired, you can visit the mosaic shop and see the process of creating a complex mosaic art. There are many examples of murmuru, granite, onyx, and complex 3D panels.

We look forward to your visit!

И немного о том , как это было ! 🙂

И как же без дизайнеров? Четкая сортировка образцов по цветам и оттенкам…своими силами…своими ручками….Потому что кто кроме них???…)))

Ну и финальный этап длительного процесса. Завершение ремонта это всегда радостный и долгожданный момент! 🙂