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Marble is a natural material that requires special care and ad hoc approach, so marble and natural stone products require special attention. Despite its some exactingness, marble is perfectly treatable in use. In time, bright shine of the polished floor may reduce, on the carving marble products may appear cracks or chips, marble of fireplace may darken a little from soot and temperature in time, but the professionals of our company will help you to eliminate that and your marble products will again acquire a new and shining look.


Our company provides services for the restoration, polishing and repolishing of marble floors, full or partial restoration of marble products.


Polishing a marble floor consists of stages.


Cleaning the joints

Joints degreasing

Sealing of joints with two-component glue

Grinding marble (preliminary stage of work before polishing – elimination of rough scratches after leveling the floor)

Polishing marble (gives a bright shine and rich color to the stone, creating a feeling of solidity of the surface)

Crystallization (reduces water permeability and decreases the degree of abrasion of the marble surface)

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