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Marble is a natural material that requires special care and care. As well as marble, products made of marble and natural stone require special maintenance. But in spite of a certain demandingness, marble is perfectly amenable to refinishing.


After a while the marble floor can lose its original luster after polishing, the carvings can have chipping or cracks, the marble in the fireplace can darken a bit from soot and temperature over time, but all this can be easily removed by our specialists, and your marble products will gain a new, shiny look again.


The company offers services in restoration, polishing and repolishing of marble floors, complete or partial restoration of marble items.


Marble floor polishing consists of the following steps.

Seam cleaning
Seam degreasing
Caulking of the seams with two-component glue
Marble sanding (the preliminary stage of works before polishing – removal of rough scratches after floor leveling)
Marble polishing (gives bright luster and rich color to the stone, creating the feeling of a monolithic surface)
Crystallization (reduces water permeability and increases the degree of abrasion of the marble surface layer).

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