Products from marble and granite

Products from natural stone create the magic of nature in your home

If you care about the health of your family, loved ones, want to make your home cozy and stylish, to emphasize good taste – use natural materials in the design of housing. The man has learned to synthesize artificial compositions amazing in their characteristics, interesting to the outward appearance, but so far he has not managed to surpass the nature that created the ideal environment for life. We are happy to use all the technological benefits of civilization, but at the subconscious level we are drawn to the beauty of nature. Products made of natural stone will always be a symbol of strength, reliability, environmental friendliness and nobility. Marble, granite, onyx, travertine are the most popular rocks that are used for finishing residential houses and religious buildings.

What is interesting about working with marble, onyx, granite and travertine

Natural stones have not only a mysterious force, a powerful energy of nature, since ancient times fascinating people, but also possess many properties that are valuable for decoration materials and decorative products.

  1. Beauty. A rich color palette, an easily recognizable texture of rocks, unique patterns of light overflows, veins that are still unable to adequately simulate artificial counterfeits “marble”, “granite” or “under onyx”, make an indelible impression. Having been, for example, in a marble bathroom, you are unlikely to be impressed with any synthetic tiles. Interior or exterior made with elements of natural stones always looks luxurious, solid and expensive.
  2. Longevity. Each of these materials, of course, has its own margin of safety and, accordingly, the purpose, depending on the intensity of operation. But in any case, the age of natural stones is estimated in millennia, and products from them can serve for decades, centuries. They are not afraid of moisture, temperature drops, sunlight, do not crumble and do not crack. Remember the masterpieces of world architecture and sculpture, made, for example, from marble or granite, which astonish humanity for several centuries and are still remarkably preserved.
  3. Versatility. Products made of marble and granite, as well as onyx and travertine are used in the modern world everywhere. Of these, lining walls, floors, furniture, decorative elements of different scale and purpose are made. They are able to harmoniously fit into any style from classics to minimalism.